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MSc. Dt. Özgecan KÜÇÜKKURT

Prosthetic Dentistry Specialist

Porcelain Laminate

To make classical porcelain veneers, the teeth must be eroded in 3 dimensions severely and circumferentially. On the other hand, only 0.3-0.7 mm thinning of the anterior surfaces of the teeth is sufficient for porcelain laminates. For this reason, porcelain laminates are the method in which healthy tooth tissue is lost the least. Before the porcelain laminates are produced, the desired rehearsal sessions are performed with patient-specific materials. The aesthetic results to be obtained after the teeth bonding are shown to the patient in advance. Porcelain laminates are produced according to this final shape (tooth length, size, shape, position, volume, etc.). As a final step, porcelain laminate veneers with increased durability produced with high technology are adhered to the thinned front surfaces of the teeth, thus providing the aesthetic smile desired by the patients. Furthermore, thanks to the developments in bonding (adhesive) technologies today, the problem of falling porcelain laminates in the past has been eliminated.

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