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Ercan Tiryaki DDS Ph.D. 


Porcelain - Metal Bracket - ORTHODONTICS

Orthodontics is a specialty that deals with diagnosing and treating oral, dental, and jaw disorders. Orthodontics is a word that originates from the Latin words "Ortos" meaning "Straight," and "Dontos" pointing to teeth. Orthodontic treatment helps the development of the jaw in young children, helping the teeth to erupt into the mouth in the correct positions, while the existing tooth crookedness in adults. In addition, it treats closure irregularities of the lower and upper jaws. Orthodontic treatments are applied with the help of "Removable clear aligners " or "Braces." These treatments make the teeth and the patient's facial appearance more aesthetic.

Moreover, the speech and chewing functions of the patient are corrected, providing severe benefits to the patient. In addition, it is challenging to clean crooked teeth, oral hygiene is more accessible by restoring the teeth, and caries formation is seriously prevented. On the other hand, thanks to properly aligned teeth and compatible jaw structures, jaw joint problems are controlled, and existing issues are improved.

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