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Assoc. Dr. Sercan KÜÇÜKKURT

Oral, Dental, Jaw Diseases and Surgery Specialist.

Embedded 20 Year Tooth Extraction

Teeth that remain entirely or partially in the jawbone or under the gingiva that have not taken their place among the regular teeth despite the eruption age are defined as "Wisdom Teeth." Although teeth can be embedded due to many factors, such as genetics, some diseases in childhood, obstacles in the direction of tooth eruption, and the lack of enough space in the jaws for the teeth to erupt, they cannot take their place in the regular tooth array and remain impacted. The most frequently impacted teeth are the third molars, known as "20-year-old teeth". These teeth are followed by the canine teeth in the upper jaw. The remaining impacted teeth may need to be extracted as they can cause problems such as pain, infection (inflammation), cyst formation, caries in the adjacent tooth, and crowding in the teeth.

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