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Root Canal Treatment Specialist

Dental Microscope


Today, magnification tools can treat complex cases with higher clinical success. In addition, magnification and illumination tools have facilitated surgical and non-surgical applications. Therefore, it is beneficial to use any device that increases the optical power of the dentist in precision dentistry applications.

Endodontists, restorative dentists, and periodontologists routinely perform procedures that require resolution more significant than 0.2 mm, the resolution limit of the human eye. Thanks to the magnification and illumination made with the microscope, the dentist gains a much more specific and detailed field of view compared to the procedures performed with the naked eye. The use of a microscope in processes such as the detection of cracks, removal of caries, determination of root canal openings, alignment of crown margins, furcation and perforation repairs, gingival surgeries, apical resection, surgical incision, and grafting provides excellent advantages to the dentist.

In recent years, many dental faculties abroad have directed their students to use magnifying and microscopes during their education. In addition to gaining a good field of view and comfortable treatment, using a microscope increases the dentist's confidence in his treatment. In this respect, it also contributes to experienced dentists.

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